Live Music Sound Systems

Napa Valley Media provides live entertainment sound systems ranging from solo artist acts to bands. We coordinate with all musicians to ensure their technical requirements are met. We offer a full range of professional audio microphones, direct boxes (passive and active), up to 20-channel Audio Cable Snakes, audio effects processors, compressors, equalizers, stage monitors for musicians, main speaker sound systems, and various digital and analog audio mixing boards. Our packages can also include an audio technician with experience in mixing live music entertainment. We also have the ability to live multi-track audio recordings for musicians through up to a 32-channel pro-tools mobile digital recorder.

Napa Valley Media also assists with musician “backline” requirements, which features guitars and guitar amps, bass and bass amps, full drum sets with cymbals, keyboards, in-ear monitors for vocalists, and more. Some of the manufacturers carried are Marshall, Ibanez, dDrum, Axis, Paiste, Gallien & Krueger, and more.