Live Streaming

Live video streaming allows business to expand their reach, create brand awareness and target consumers in various ways. For many businesses, live video content is already an integrated part of their marketing strategy. Napa Valley Media structures each production to your creative vision and can provide single camera to multi-camera productions. With any live stream, the quality of the production creates the best experience. Napa Valley Media only provides professional HD services with HD-SDI and Fiber Optic Cable Connectivity to all equipment. Our extensive knowledge in broadcast production and live video streaming will ensure your message is marketed effectively and professionally.

Napa Valley Media can simultaneously archive your event in uncompressed HD resolution (Including the new UltraHD, 4K Production Formats, if desired) or the Apple Apple ProRes 422 codec for archive and on-demand playback or additional post-production services at a later date. This is a great option for separating keynote presenters for on-demand playback or utilizing snippets of the recorded video for creating a sizzle reel or highlight video of the conference. This often engages viewers who “missed out,” which will further create brand loyalty.

There are many live streaming solutions when choosing a live video provider. Napa Valley Media utilizes streaming content providers with a proven track record for providing reliable live streaming solutions to large audiences. This ensures reliable connectivity that can handle thousands of viewers and keeps overall costs lower than custom service solutions.

For clients that require added reliability, we can also use Bonded Network services to allow instantaneous backup internet feeds with 4G and Wired Hybrid technology using Cradlepoint’s failsafe AR-2100 Router Solution. When you are Live, you can’t afford any interruption from a network issue.

Some of the streaming vendors we regularly work with are as follows:


Livestream is a powerful way to stream live video to your audience. Livestream provides video streaming to more than 80 million viewers and broadcasters. Livestream has a basic service that is free for streaming but there are several limitations, including ads. Livestream also allows ad-free streaming along with other perks for paid content management services. We typically use Livestream’s embed code features, which provide ad-free and low-cost solutions for HTML embeds in a client’s existing website.

Napa Valley Media has used Livestream for over 700 hours worth of live streaming events and has custom configured our encoders to work directly with Livestream’s web servers.


Ustream also offers affordable streaming solutions to your audience. Similar to its competitors, Ustream offers video streaming services in both free and paid formats.

YouTube Live

YouTube is by far the industry leader in on-demand streaming video. YouTube now offers “YouTube Live,” but there are some restrictions and setups that need to be done well in advance of your event. Once your channel is enabled for live streaming, you’ll see a “Live Events” option available in your video manager.

CUE 2015 has the funk! (CUE Conference Snippet from a live event in Palm Springs):

PBL World with Keynote Speaker Stephen Ritz (Live event in Napa, CA):