RED Epic Production

Napa Valley Media utilizes the same professional camera used on films such as The Hobbit, Thor, Ender’s Game, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Shooting on the Red Epic Digital Cinema Camera with the Mysterium-X sensor, Napa Valley Media can either provide a Camera Operator or Director of Photography with an existing production crew or work in a directorial capacity in full charge of your production.

    Napa Valley Media’s RED Epic Rental Package provides:
  • Red EPIC-M: Camera Body with side handle and SSD side module
  • RED Viewfinder: 1280 x 784 pixel resolution progressive scan with safe action guides, zebra lines, peaking, and false color exposure overlays
  • (Four) REDMAG SSD cards: solid-state digital media capture device storing up to 128GB per card
  • (Four) REDVOLT Batteries w/ Charger
  • Element Technica Base Plate 15mm Rods, and Dove Tail
  • Tripod
  • On-Site Assistant RED Camera Technician (up to 10 hours)

5K Cinematography and RED Rentals throughout the Napa Valley Wine Country and Bay Area

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