String Lighting

Italian (Piazza) String Lightingis ideal for illuminating Dining Areas, Dance Floors, and any other Outside social areas. Italian String Lighting can be mounted to mobile based poles, structural fixed beams, or trees. Italian String Lighting can illuminate a large area while creating a warm ambiance that can be admired under the night sky.

Paper Lantern Lighting

Traditional Japanese Round Paper Lantern Lighting will enhance the ambiance of any outdoor or indoor events. Lantern String Lighting can be hung from mobile based poles, structural fixed beams, walls, or trees. Napa Valley Media lighting technicians utilizes different sizes of round paper Lanterns, and different drop lengths to add an artistic touch to any string of Lantern Lights.

Buffet Lighting is an often overlooked necessity when it comes to highlighting specific areas at Corporate and Wedding Functions. Napa Valley Media utilizes low power draw lighting and lighting trees. The “lighting trees” are designed to provide lighting over buffets & food stations, as well as bar areas and other “general” event set-up areas.