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Napa Valley Media offers a full-line of professional video production equipment for promotional videos, winery videos, multi-camera HD shoots, weddings, and various forms of event production

Napa Valley Media also offers Image Magnification services (Commonly known as “I-Mag”) for Non-Profit Galas and Auctions, Corporate Seminars, forums, conventions, assemblies, cooking demonstrations, and large audiences where a subject or object needs to be magnified for a more dynamic visual experience.

Switch between multiple cameras to increase production value, captivating the audience. I-Mag video cuts seamlessly between multiple visual inputs such as Powerpoint, Keynote, and pre-produced videos. An output can be fed to multiple HD Monitors or Projection Screens. Napa Valley Media also provides the ability to record all visuals and I-Mag services directly to hard drives in HD form. This is commonly requested from clients who wish to use live edited footage for promotional material and advertising via their company website, YouTube, and social media outlets.


  • RED One Cinema Package

  • Canon C100 & C300 Cinema Packages

  • Panasonic GH5 DSLR Cinema Packag

  • Sony NX5U Multi-Cam Video Packages



  • Panasonic Compact HD/SD Live Switcher

  • BlackMagic Design ATEM-1 & 4K Production Switchers

  • Barco PDS-902 Seamless Presentation Switcher



  • Tripods

  • Support Risers

  • Track Sliders

  • Light Kits

  • Battery Operated HD-SDI Field Monitors

  • Teradek Bolt 300 & 500 Series Wireless HD-SDI & HDMI Video System

  • Wireless Intercom Systems

  • Wireless or Wired Lapel or Handheld Microphones

  • Shotgun Microphones with Boom Poles

  • Atomos and KiPro HDD Recorders

  • Canon L-Series Lenses

  • And More…